Welcome to MAT!                   
DSCN1874Hello. I am Michael and I am the owner of MAT. I was born and grew up in Athens, where I still live. Knowing the city like few others do, I am able to highlight its beauty but also protect you from possible dangers.
I have provided my services to hundreds of visitors of my country and I have gained great experience in providing the right services.
My long expertise (18 years), helps me to provide high quality services and always turn your every desire into reality.
I always think positive and offer you the famous Greek hospitality, which will make you feel like you are in your own car and the driver is a good friend of yours!
I created this site, after being encouraged by several of my customers, whom I want to thank deeply. The site is personal. The photographs were taken, almost all, by me and give the most accurate picture of the monuments and landscapes. Also, the site gives you many alternative solutions, so that you can choose the tour that fits your own interests and your own capabilities.
If, during your visit in my site, you come up with any questions, you can contact me via e-mail for more information.




The prices in the site include toll taxes and parking. They do not include entrance fees to archaeological sites and museums as well as meals.

Information on archaeological sites is given to you in the car, as drivers are forbidden to accompany you through the archaeological site.


There is room in the taxi for four passengers. Prices and rates are for each vehicle.

If there are more than 4 visitors, we use two taxis or a minivan. In this case, it is necessary to communicate via e-mail.


We start all our tours by picking you up from your accommodation spot in Athens or the surrounding area .